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Tulips for everyone

'that makes you happy'


  • Trim the tulip stems at an angle.
  • Place them in fresh topwater along with cut flower food (Chrysal, usually provided by the florist).
  • Place the vase of tulips in the coolest possible location. Heat and direct sunlight make tulips wilt faster.
  • Tulips require plenty of water, so add more to vase often.

More information is available at, a website initiated by the Flower Council of Holland. This website also gives you lots of tips and bits of information about all kinds of flowers.

Tulpen af snijden

From bulb to flower: a closed chain

Matoco Flowers is affiliated with This means that every step in its production process is traceable. Bulb growers are selected for their quality and reliability. The preparation and cultivation of the bulbs takes place at affiliated tulip forcing companies which have made agreements regarding production, quality and crop protection. As a result, we can provide continuity, flexibility and a guarantee of uniform products. Retail ready directly from the source. After all, the fewer the processing operations the better. We know this to be true. This is why we process and package tulips directly from the tulip forcing facility and according to your preferences.

Tulpen in emmer
Tulpen in gieter
Tulpen in waterkan