Matoco Flowers was one of the first companies to start producing hydrangeas. Currently, we specialise in growing Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Schneeball’ for cut flower production. Our objective is to supply the auction with the large white globe-shaped flowers of this splendid hydrangea all year round.

Our hydrangeas have a stem length between 40 and 80 cm and a flower diameter of 12 to 16 cm. We harvest the flowers in a range of bloom stages in order to guarantee extra long keeping quality. The flowers are harvested on old wood and receive a special treatment so that we can guarantee a longer vase life. Matoco Flowers can deliver both fresh (full-coloured) as well as classic (colour changed) flowers.

These large ‘Schneeball’ hydrangeas make real eye-catches with just a few or even one flower in a vase. And their colour range – from pure white to pastel greens – makes them perfect for any room. So consumers like buying them for themselves but also know that they make the perfect gift.

Matoco Flowers participates in the vase life competition held by the FloraHolland flower auction. After all, we want to demonstrate that we can guarantee flowers of first class quality.