As with all flowers, it is best not to place hydrangeas in a draughty location or in full sun. The flowers will stay fresh longer when placed in a vase of clean tap water.

The keeping quality of hydrangeas depends on their freshness, their environment, and the addition of nutrients for cut flowers. White hydrangeas will remain attractive for 5 to 12 days. Classic (colour-changed) hydrangeas can remain attractive for 2 to even 5 weeks, and they can be dried as well.


  • Trim the hydrangea stems at an angle. If the flowers start to droop despite trimming, the best solution is to trim them at an angle again.
  • Use clean tap water and add nutrients for cut flowers (Chrysal, or another brand, which is usually provided by the florist).
  • Do not place the vase of flowers in an overly warm location.
  • Do not place the vase of flowers where they will receive full sun.
  • Classic (colour-changed) hydrangeas can be dried by placing them in a vase with just a little water until the flower has dried.